Truong Nguyen '23

Truong Nguyen (he/him/his)

Hi y'all! My name is Truong and I am a rising junior in Leverett concentrating in Psychology with a secondary in Educational Studies (low-key pre-med). I am from Houston but was originally born in Saigon, Vietnam, and moved to America with my family in 2013. I am interested in education and involved with a few education outreach groups on campus such as HUSE, HAUSCR, HCJI, and HVIET. Beside these orgs, I also work as a tour guide at the Visitor Center, mentor with the Harvard Ed Portal, and volunteer with PBHA. In my free time, I enjoy planning ahead, playing video games (league of legend), and watching anime, Korean-dramas, and YouTube videos on how to take aesthetic notes & be more productive while being unproductive.