Next Gen Initiative

What Is the Next Gen Initiative?

As part of the Culture Lab Innovation Fund’s 2020 cohort, the Next Gen Initiative utilizes technology to align, consolidate, and enhance institutional support and community building pathways for all Harvard undergraduate and graduate students who are the first in their families to pursue a degree in the U.S and/or are from underresourced or underserved backgrounds. While there is no universal Next Gen student experience across Harvard, there are shared challenges, needs, and areas of opportunity that can be addressed through the innovative retooling of existing Harvard University resources and services. The Next Gen Initiative aims to expand institutional change and long-term investment in students who are “firsts” so that they can thrive as Harvard’s “next” generation leaders.

Defining the Next Gen Community

  • First-generation college or graduate students
  • First-generation graduate students
  • First-generation international students (undergrad/graduate)
  • Students from low-income communities
  • Students from underrepresented communities
  • Students who are undocumented, DACAmented, TPS or from mixed-status households

What we’re working on

Currently, we’re in the building phases of our project. We’re working on formalizing our One Harvard platforms (website, social media, etc.), a central location for information related to Next Gen experience. For life inside the Zoom classroom, we’re developing a digital toolkit to support the virtual experiences of students and faculty during the fall term. For all the moments in between, Next Gen is working with departments across Harvard Schools to develop programming and events and that will virtually connect students with Next Gen peers, mentors, and alumni around topics related to academic success, career exploration, personal and financial wellness, and leadership development. 

How you can join us

Connect with us to join a One Harvard Next Gen community, find a graduate student mentor, or attend our faculty-led Next Gen workshops on mapping your Harvard journey, cultivating your "why," bridging divides between home and Harvard, and more! 

Contact us if you'd like to learn more about volunteer and leadership opportunities within this new initiative!