Josie Chen '24

Josie Chen (she/her/hers)

Helloooo FYREflies! Okay, Harvard intro, go: Josie Chen, c/o 2024, Mather House, undeclared but today I'm leaning toward Social Anthropology, also pre-med for the time being with specific interests in sports/orthopedic medicine and global/public health. I was born, raised, and spent my entire first year of college in Oakland, California, but "on campus," I'm a part of The Crimson's Multimedia Board. I loveeee Sriracha or ketchup with almost anything, martial arts, and a good discussion about Christian apologetics. Having had a lot of really great mentors in my life, I am extremely passionate about learning to support and cultivate genuine connections with others—especially fellow FGLI students, so always feel free to reach out!