Black Lives Matter Resources for FGLI Students

As we find ourselves in a critical moment in history in which our voices and solidarity are needed to combat racism, we want to acknowledge the intersection of the FGLI and Black identities.


We, as a FYRE community, pledge to uplift, support, and amplify Black voices as we resume our programming. We believe that FYRE’s mission to help students from marginalized and underrepresented backgrounds is reflective of the change we wish to see in our world. FYRE wishes to dismantle fears, disparities, and obstacles that threaten to prevent FGLI students from realizing their highest potential. Our experiences are not meant to be ashamed of; rather they enhance the spaces we enter and are much needed. As a necessary complement to our regular content and programming, we will continue to share resources that inform our community on how to contribute to the Black Lives Matter Movement through educating, signing petitions, donating if possible, promoting Black artists and businesses, and more. You can find these on our upcoming posts, as well as


To our Black FYRE community, we honor, love, and seek to support you as much as you may need. FYRE has been shaped and continues to be enriched by our Black members and Team Leaders. We commit to making and holding space for all Black FYRE students to bring and share their experiences, and to find a wealth of support and community in doing so. 


To the FYRE community at large, we want to thank you for your solidarity in this movement and will continue to extend our support if needed. Please feel free to contact us through social media or email if you have any questions or would like to start a conversation on ways to help. Additionally, if you know of other BLM resources that weren’t mentioned, send them our way so we can continue to utilize our platform to spread awareness and information.